When I started at StreetFx I was hopeless at everything. I could hardly manage a pull up!! Now after only about 6 weeks I can punch out loads of them, even weighted ones. With perfect form. The trainer is amazing. Full of knowledge , gets in and shows you how to do things properly and is driven with a crazy amount determination that would make anyone want to better themselves! The gym has the best atmosphere! Everyone backs each other, pushes each other to do the very best they can. Full of claps and high fives for when you accomplish that movement you’ve been trying so hard to get perfect. I would recommend this gym to everyone!! I love this place and look forward to every session! #streetfxnewcastle

StreetFx Newcastle is a unique gym that changed not only how I feel about fitness, but changed my whole life. It’s a comfortable place of acceptance and encouragement but at the same time it’s fiercely results driven. What Shalyn Gray doesn’t know about people and well being fits snuggly on a pin head. She is a power house of knowledge. A leader in her field who needs to be acknowledged. I wont look back! 

Streetfx is legitimately the best gym in the world. The people are welcoming, encouraging and supportive of all fitness levels. As a very unfit human I walked into streetfx and instantly felt like I was in a safe place to the point where I felt no shame about my unfitness, weight or the way I jiggle when I attempt to run. Shalyn manages to effectively scale the workouts for all fitness levels as well as accomodating for any restrictions or injuries. There is no judgement or competition the fitfam that Shalyn has created genuinely wants to see each other do their best. I have been a longtime sufferer of anxiety but found by regularly attending classes at streetfx my anxiety has been more manageable. The continual variety in classes means that you have to be present when working out, taking away the opportunity to worry about life and the things that may be causing you stress. Shalyn has the incredible ability to know how far to push a person without causing  physical or emotional pain (except the good physical pain that you get from a gruelling workout). I genuinely believe that being a streetfx member has cause me to be a stronger person not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. #streetfxnewcastle