StreetFX is a calisthenics based workout. Learn a heap of mad skills, swing on monkey bars, climb a rope, get inverted and of course have fun! We guarantee you’ll be taken back to your childhood.



ZUU is high intensity interval training using primal moves – push, pull, bend, twist, squat, lunge and locomotion in a unique workout. ZUU’s combined strength and energy class creates an exhilarating full body workout.




HIITFX is a strength and conditioning program created to improve all areas of fitness. It is a combination of functional fitness movements performed at a high intensity.




LIFTFX is a class dedicated to breaking down all complex lifts used within HIITFX.





BOXFX is a class to learn technique, burn fat, increase muscle and build confidence in this quick 45min session.


Mums & Cubs

Suited for all mums (and mum’s to be), the Mums & Bubs Fitness & Exercise class is the perfect mix of a gentle & safe return to exercise after birth. It’s also a great social activity to meet/train with like-minded individuals!
Starting 29th January. | Find out More