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Anita & Brent Gordon


“Becoming a member of StreetFX has done wonders for our family’s health, fitness and wellbeing. This place is the whole package! When you work out at StreetFX, you’re not just going through the motions. You’re getting variety, constant challenges to reach your goals and make new ones, knowledgeable trainers who support you and lead by example, and wonderful friendships. This is the first gym that we’ve actually stuck with and are excited to attend. Shalyn encourages you to push past your comfort zone and try new exercises, stretches and movements. She truly has created a genuine ‘fitfam’ who applaud and encourage the efforts of everyone, no matter their fitness level. We are addicted!”

scott murphy

“As a person who struggled with mild depression and mental stagnation during my adolescence, I became aware in very early adulthood that physical activity would need to be a central part of my routine for all of my life. Taking a moment each day to calm and centre myself, and the positive effects of the endorphins released is imperative for me. Unfortunately, time and again, trying many different gyms and workout spaces, I’d find that along with focus on fitness, would come emphasis on aesthetics, and for me, with my particular anxieties and insecurities, that was massively counter productive. Then, at a moment when (quite frankly) I needed it most, along came Street FX. Helmed with infinite grace and care by Shalyn Gray, it is a place where, by leading with an example of encouragement and positivity, she has created an environment where hope reigns supreme. No posturing. No judgement. No vanity. No mirrors. No GIVING UP. A workout space whose marketing and social media more often features mums taking pride in renewed ownership of their own bodies or new members finding fitness later in life and holding their body weight for the first time in twenty years(!!!!), than chiselled perfection or filtered unachievable standards, this is an environment where encouragement comes not just from the trainers, but the whole patronage – of course it does – this kind of positivity is infectious!!! From the most humble part of my being, and without presuming to know best for any other human, I implore ANYONE to come and train with us, because Shalyn Gray isn’t just about building better, stronger bodies, she’s about saving lives. On this point, I speak from personal experience.”

Hannah Van Netten

“Streetfx is legit the best gym in the world. The people are welcoming, encouraging and supportive of all fitness levels. As a very unfit human I walked into streetfx and instantly felt like I was in a safe place to the point where I felt no shame about my unfitness, weight or the way I jiggle when I attempt to run. Shalyn manages to effectively scale the workouts for all fitness levels as well as accomodating for any restrictions or injuries. There is no judgement or competition the fitfam that Shalyn has created genuinely wants to see each other do their best. I have been a longtime sufferer of anxiety but found by regularly attending classes at streetfx my anxiety has been more manageable. The continual variety in classes means that you have to be present when working out, taking away the opportunity to worry about life and the things that may be causing you stress. Shalyn has the incredible ability to know how far to push a person without causing physical or emotional pain (except the good physical pain that you get from a gruelling workout). I genuinely believe that being a streetfx member has cause me to be a stronger person not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.”

Linda Kolevski

“Let me start by saying that “I love StreetFX”! It is the only place that I have ever said that about. I can’t imagine not being there. It is a supportive environment where everyone can work at their own level whilst being encouraged by trainers and peers. If you wanted to find a gym that you can actually have fun at, look no further. From weights to cardio, handstands and head stands to monkey bars and rope climbing this place has it all. Owner and head coach, Shalyn Gray will take your body to places it has never been. The strength and confidence you will develop is amazing. Whether you are coming for mind, body or soul you will find what you seek at StreetFX. Give it a go!”

Katie Bates

“After trialling many gyms in Newcastle, I was struggling to find a gym that was based around functional fitness as well as a community to support its members. On my first visit to Streetfx the members of the gym where so welcoming and encouraging staying back to motivate me through my first session. The trainer Shalyn picked out my strength very quickly pushing me to achieve more in my first session than I had at previous gyms in months. I knew then and there I had found my fit a Streetfx. My young family has always been welcome to come and join me during my training sessions, with a creche facility available on select days. During the last 16months that I have been a member of Streetfx I have been supported to smash through my fitness and weight goals. It has increased my confidence levels as well as making very close friendships. Currently 39 weeks pregnant with my second child. through the fitness knowledge and support of the trainer’s at streetfx I have been able to exercise daily throughout the pregnancy. This place comes with a warning….It’s addictive!”

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