I am Shalyn, founder and head coach of StreetFX Newcastle. I grew up playing sports and was privileged to compete at State and National levels for swimming, basketball and netball. Three knee surgeries would see me have to give up my love of sport at the ripe old age of 20. I just couldn’t imagine a life without physical activity, which was the driving force behind becoming a personal trainer. If I couldn’t play sport, I’d coach others to move or help them have longevity in their chosen physical activity. Seeing my members (affectionately known as my crew) hit milestones in their training is something I can’t really describe. I have the best job in the world. Actually helping people reach their goals, big or small, seeing the excitement and getting to share that moment them is actually indescribable. Humbling.

I started training in Callisthenics in 2013 and loved the beauty and strength of the movements. Training with Sean, Adam and the rest of Bar Wasps boys fired up a new love for fitness. So many mad skills to master. There’s always something new to work towards after nailing the skill before. Working with your own body weight, for me, was so much more challenging.

In 2014 I started StreetFx. I wanted to create a space where anyone could turn up, be themselves, train, be challenged and of course get results. I wanted to bring something different from your normal gym workouts. This is exactly why I created the class StreetFx. Based on callisthenics training, the training I fell in love with and knew others would too. At the time there weren’t many options to learn this style of training. So, I took the plunge and hit the ground running and well, I’ve never looked back!

In 2017, I became a certified ZUU trainer. ZUU’s focus on liberating human movement is a perfect companion to the Callisthenic movement of our street classes. I loved ZUU from the moment I started. It had taken my love for body weight training and got my heart rate pumping. With not being able to do a lot of lower body work or HIIT sessions anymore, ZUU has allowed me to move more freely. I can scale where I need to but still get that high-intensity burn. I couldn’t wait to share this with my members.

In 2018, we are starting our Little Gray Monkeys, and Mum’s and Cubs classes. Little Gray Monkeys is a fun and energetic class for 3-5 years old introducing them to callisthenics, movement and mad skills. Teaching little kids is something I’ve always wanted to do. Children nowadays aren’t moving enough. They aren’t playing outside. They aren’t getting that natural physical activity like they used to. Instilling the importance of movement from a young age is so critical in helping beat childhood obesity.

Since starting StreetFx, I’ve had a lot of Mum’s and mum’s to be, come through the door. I feel there’s a big gap missing in the fitness industry for new Mums in Newcastle. This is why we have created our Mums and Cubs classes. A place for like-minded ladies to come train together, get fit, socialise and help beat those baby blues in a positive space.

I welcome anyone to come train with me and my crew at StreetFx. I believe in what I do. I am grateful to be able to help people, to motivate and inspire people that want to make positive changes.

I hope I see you soon!

Live ya best life,


  • Diploma Fitness & Rec
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Senior First Aid
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • ZUU level 1
  • Ankorr level 1
  • AWF Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Lifting L1
  • Gymnastics Coach Level 1



You can find me coaching the following classes
Zuu | HIIT | Street